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Parent Ed - Internet Safety

Please click on the link below for a parent resource guide:

A Big Tiger's Roar goes out to Darlene Kanzler from the SD PoliceFoundation for this helpful info.
California State Testing Practice

Tiger Families:

In order to help students to become better acquainted 
with the CA State test format, they are providing practice tests 
for students and families to practice at home.

Simply Sign-In as "Guest" and Select your "Grade"
to access both the ELA and Math "Practice Tests"

SDSU Brochures
Backpack Safety Brochure
Vision Screening Brochure
Scoliosis Screening Brochure

California State Standards
Parent Brochure: ELA (Gr 5)
Parent Brochure: ELA (Gr 6-8)
Parent Brochure: Math (Gr 5)
Parent Brochure: Math (Gr 6-8)


Quizlet is a free website providing learning tools for students, including flashcards, study and game modes Quizlet


Keyboarding Practice

Hi Tiger Families:  

Keyboarding is an essential skill that students need 
to succeed in high school and beyond.

We are asking all of our CPMS Tigers 
to practice their keyboarding skills 
in order to be better prepared for these demands.
(Students can improve their proficiency by practicing 15 minutes per day)
Here are a few great websites to help improve keyboarding skills:
(click on links to go to website)
FREE Homework Help
via Harvey Mudd College

This over-the-phone tutoring for mathematics and science
is available for student, grades 4-12

Tutors are available Sun - Thurs (6 PM - 9 PM).  
Call 1-877-8ASKHMC (1-877-827-5462)

All the tutors are supervised students of Harvey Mudd College
with expertise in Math and Science. 

Click links below for more information about 
Harvey Mudd College
and the Homework Helpline:
About the HMC Homework Helpline
About Harvey Mudd College
Facts about Harvey Mudd College
Khan Academy
Hi Tiger Families:

If you are looking for extra academic support
for your student at home,
Khan Academy is worth checking out:
Khan Academy

"With a library of over 2,600 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 218 practice exerciseswe're on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace."
Parent Ed - Internet Safety

Please click on the link below for a parent resource guide:
Click HERE for the Parent Resource Guide (English) 
 Click HERE for the Parent Resource Guide (Spanish)

A Big Tiger's Roar goes out to Darlene Kanzler
from the SD PoliceFoundation for this helpful info.
Parent Ed - Digital Footprints 

(from our friends at

Reading Strategies

High School Info

Please find the links below to the charter high school websites
for further information.

We know that this is a big step
in your student's educational career
and are happy to be able to assist you
in making an informed decision.

Go Tigers!!!:)
Educational Website & Online textbooks:

Looking for a website with LOTS of educational games for your child? 
Trying to find the online textbooks for Science? 
Looking for ways to help your child review lessons taught in class? 
Looking for resources to support your child's learning?

Well then you must check out !!!

It has it all and a WHOLE lot more!!! 

Any questions regarding this site?  Contact CPMS for assistance:)

Head Lice Info

Hi Tiger Families:

Although it is more common for children to transmit head lice with family members and playmates than at school, we still feel it is helpful to keep everyone aware of how to protect themselves from the transmission of head lice. 

Please review these helpful tips on how to detect and, if need be, treat/remove head lice.information with your students so that they can take the proper precautions.

Click HERE for "Head Lice Pamphlet"

Click HERE for "A Parent's Guide to Head Lice" (Spanish

Please make sure to contact CPMS if your child has developed head lice and take the proper steps to treat and remove them. Students may return to school following the first treatment and removal of head lice; however, continued treatments and monitoring are imperative to ensure complete removal.

Feel free to contact CPMS, if you have any further questions.
Helping Children Cope

  Click Here for article: How to Help Children Cope

Feel free to contact CPMS 
if you have any questions or concerns.

And, as always,
thanks for being part of our nurturing community.