College Prep's New Campus Construction

College Prep's Brand New Campus!!!

We've Got Windows!!! (Feb 2019)                                              

Tiger Families:

We just wanted to provide a quick update 
regarding the progress on the new facility...
Our windows are now being installed:)
We can't wait for all of our Tigers to enjoy the view:)
Stay Tuned for the next update!

Go Tigers!!! 

We've got a Roof! (Dec 2018:)                                                        

Tiger Families:

We are thrilled to share that the new school facility 
now has a ROOF!!!
As you can see, construction is progressing smoothly 
and we will continue to keep you updated 
throughout the New Year!!!!
Thanks again for your continued support 
as we prepare for 
the next chapter of College Prep!!!
Go Tigers!!!

We've Got 2 Floors!!! (Nov 2018)                                                  

Tiger Families:

We are so excited to share the progress 
being made on the new school site. 
 Framing is moving along quite smoothly 
and we now have stairs leading up
to the second floor of the building
...we are definitely moving on up!!!
Thanks again for your continued support and 
for being a part of our Tiger Community...
Now with a 2nd Story!!!
Go Tigers!!!

Tiger Foundation (Oct 2018)                                                          

Tiger Families:

We are thrilled to report that the foundation 
was poured and set this past weekend!!!
(The Concrete Trucks Begin to Pour)

(Work in Progress)

(Set to Dry!!!)

(Tiger Paws!!!)

Next up...Framing!

We want to send a BIG Tigers Roar to 
ALL of our Tiger Families, Students, Staff and Friends
for helping us to build such a strong Foundation!!!

We will keep you posted as we continue to progress!!!

Until then...Go Tigers!!!

College Prep in the News:) (July 2018)                                        

Tiger Families and Friends:

Look who made the front page of the UT the Communities section:)

Thanks to all of you 
for being a part of
our Tiger Community!!!
We look forward to seeing everyone at the Ribbon Cutting...
Stay Tuned:)

Go Tigers!!!

Demo Day (May 2018)                                                                    

Tiger Families:

We are thrilled to announce that yesterday was "Demo Day!!!"
This is the start of a new exciting chapter for College Prep...
...and we wanted to make sure to keep all of our 
Tiger Families updated along the way.
Thanks again for your continued support!!!

Go Tigers!!!