Student Info

  • Student Pick-Up 
    • If your student is to be picked up by someone OTHER than those listed on your student's emergency card, please contact CPMS (619-303-2782).    
    • We want to make sure that all of our students are safe.
    • Thank you for your understanding and support. 
  •  Cell Phones
    • Students may possess cellular phones, provided that such devices do not disrupt the educational program or school activity. Cellular phones MUST be turned off, powered down and put away while on campus (including after school tutorial), unless permission to do otherwise is given by the Director or a school-wide emergency occurs.
    • Inappropriate use of cell phones while on campus will result in confiscation of the device. College Preparatory Middle School is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced cell phones.
    • Please review this policy with your student to help avoid unnecessary disruptions throughout the school day.  
    • All students may use the front desk phone as needed; therefore, cell phones are not needed during the school day.
    • Thanks for your continued support as we maintain a positive learning environment for all!
  • CPMS Laptops
    • All student work completed on CPMS laptops must be saved on a student thumb drive or e-mailed to themselves. 
    • No work will be allowed to be saved on CPMS laptops. 
    • All student work will be deleted from CPMS laptops.
    • Please contact CPMS if you have any questions.
    • We are so thrilled to have our "Techie-Tigers" using the CPMS laptops but need to save the space on the hard drives to keep the laptops working at their maximum potential.
    • Thanks for your understanding and cooperation:)

  • Student Utensils
    • Tiger Families,  although we are happy to assist students with the use of microwaves and hot water, we do ask that students please bring their own utensils
    • We have gone through many boxes of plastic spoons and forks thus far and ask that you please provide your student with any utensils needed for their lunch.
    • Thanks for your understanding and assistance.

    The First Day of School is Tuesday, September, 3rd.
    (Grades 6-8) 8:00 am - 2:35 pm
    (Grade 5) 8:30 am - 3:05 pm

    Gates OPEN at 7:30 a.m.
    PTSA will be welcoming our Tiger Families with Coffee
    in the Annex beginning at 8:00

    • Students will meet in the upstairs auditorium first thing in the morning where we will greet everyone, introduce our amazing teaching staff and send our students with their "Tiger's Den" Teachers.    
    • Students will receive their class schedules on the first day of school. 
    • Any school supply donations will be collected by members of our PTSA (thank you!!!).
    • School lunch will be available for purchase starting the first day of school.

    There is NO After-School Tutorial
    during the first week of school
    (9/3 - 9/6/19)

    Students are to be picked up immediately 
    following school dismissal.

    After-School Tutorial (Grades 6-8 only) 
    BEGINS Monday, September, 9th.
    Tutorial is held Mon - Thurs (2:45 - 3:45)

    Students who attend must be picked up immediately following tutorial.   
    All students who attend are expected to use this time productively 
    or will be asked not to attend.

      The school calendar, school uniforms, student supply lists, etc... 
      are all available on the homepage of our website.   

      Please feel free to contact CPMS if you have any questions.
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        all things CPMS.

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          We are so excited to see all of our Tiger Families 
          as we prepare for a new school year filled with learning, growing and, of course, that Tiger Pride!!!

          Go Tigers!!!